The Trust's Aims The aims of the Stover Canal Trust are to promote, conserve, restore, interpret and maintain the line and works of the Stover Canal as a valuable historical and recreational amenity for the benefit of all. This will involve Providing a voice for those concerned over the canal's future Working with other parties to restore the canal to its former state Promoting the education of visitors and residents to the historical importance of the canal Encouraging the importance of information boards at all the important locations Membership Brings You: A regular newsletter, The Stover Bargee, gives the latest information of the achievements and activities of the trust and the history and use of the canal. Contributions are always welcome. The opportunity to join work parties in the restoration and preservation of the canal. An annual general meeting with guest speakers and presentations. Regular social activities.
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Built by our forefathers, preserved for our grandchildren
By   signing   up   as   an Associate   Member   of   the   Stover   Canal Trust   you   can   be   sure   that   your   subscription   is   used   towards   the preservation   and   restoration   of   the   line   of   the   canal   and   its   features.   There   is   presently   two   types   of   membership:   an Individual   membership   costs   £10   and   runs   from   the   1st   January   for   one   year. Two   people   at   the   same   address   can   apply   for a   Joint   membership   at   £12   for   the   year.   Those   joining   up   to   the   1st   September   will   be   invited   to   renew   the   following   1st January. Those joining on or after 1st September will enjoy 16 months membership before renewal is due. To Join the Trust You can make an online payment with a debit or credit card via PayPal. We will contact you by email to acknowledge your subscription. You can print an application form  and send it with a cheque by post to our Membership Secretary. You can complete a Standing Order form authorising your bank to make payments and send it to your bank. You will need a .pdf reader to download the forms, obtainable here  if not already installed on your computer.
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